Welcome to SPAN Lab researching sex and porn addiction.


Welcome to the Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory. We are devoted to increasing the understanding of sexual responses in individuals, their partners and sexual behaviors that risk physical and emotional health. We conduct research and offer learning opportunities for students. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on the contact page.

SPAN Lab research

Prause describes patent-pending brain stimulation to increase sex drive at UCLA Women's Health Conference.

Our new study on porn "addiction", the largest neuroscience study to date, covered in Huffington Post, Medical Daily, Daily Beast, and Bustle.

Our large (N=122) neuroscience study debunking porn "addiction" appears in Biological Psychology.

Our study of penis size preferences using 3D models accepted in PLOS One. Forthcoming.

SPAN research featured in Aeon debunking common myths about viewing sex films.

Our letter debunking yet another strange attack from anti-porn groups appears in Sexual Medicine.

Prause nominated for the Early Career Award by the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

Prause suggests benefits of lust over love to Bustle.

Forbes discussion of sex jobs, including sexual neuroscience conducted at SPAN.

Discussing (actual) science behind having intercourse when a partner has a large penis with Bustle.

A week of media stories covering our study of ED, sexual desire, and sex films: Los Angeles Times, Men's Journal, Times Live, Yahoo Health, Huffington Post, and video interview with Huffington Post Live.

Our chapter on Sex Addiction controversies appears in the book New Views on Pornography.

Prause talks with Men's Journal about the positive effects of sex and erotica on mood and depression.

Prause reviews new data on female "ejaculation" with Men's Health.

Prause interviews with Shane Mauss about recent science in sexuality.

presentation on sex addiction and porn addiction

Prause appears on Funny or True, a show to determine just how humorless sex researchers really are.

Prause keynote speaker at the World Association for Sexual Health annual meeting "Sex to promote general health".

Prause speaking at International Academy of Sex Research annual meeting on sexual coherence and Maxwell Moholy on hypersexuality.

Prause on panel for New Views on Pornography at Catalyst Con.

Prause speaker for brain stimulation enhancing pleasant affect at the Society for Psychophysiological Research annual meeting.

Prause covers women's penis size preferences at Nerd Nite.

Prause delivers master lecture on hypersexuality at the European Federation of Sexology.

Prause on program committee for International Academy of Sex Research annual meeting.