Welcome to SPAN Lab.


Welcome to the Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory. We are devoted to increasing the understanding of sexual responses in individuals, their partners and sexual behaviors that risk physical and emotional health. We conduct research and offer learning opportunities for students. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on the contact page.

SPAN Lab activity

Exciting new research partnership to be announced...

New publication in collaboration with the UCLA Sexual Health Program.

SPAN launches YouTube channel to describe research methods, results, and interpretations to the public.

Prause promoted to Associate Research Scientist at UCLA.

Prause comments on new fMRI study of visual sexual stimulus use in Daily Dot, Daily Beast, and LiveScience.

Time, Shape, Women's Health, Fusion, Daily Mail, Examiner and others cover the first study to link brain response to actual sexual behaviors, challenging "underarousal" theories of sexual risk and the implications for HIV prevention efforts.

U magazine coverage of Steele et al..

Prause describes the brain response to erotica on the Internet in TakePart news on Cam Girls.

Laboratories converge against the "addiction" model of sexual image viewing in APA monitor article.

Prause discusses "pornography addiction" with On The Media for National Public Radio.

Supplements available for recent Steele et al. (2013) showing sexual orientation of all participants, null results from all subscales (removed during peer review) , and identical patterns of results for two SDI scoring methods.

New publication to Current Sexual Health Reports questioning the claims of "porn addiction" treatment providers.

Prause describes the laboratory research in the area of sex "addictions" to Science for the People.

New publication extending EEG alpha asymmetry to sexual motivation accepted to appear in Psychophysiology.

Prause added to Editorial Board of PLOS ONE.

Greg Siegle and Prause win research award for EEG studies from the International Academy of Sex Research at their annual meeting.

Lab research featured on MSN Health

Current lab research technology discussed in VICE magazine

Prause nominated for Early Career Award by the international Society for Psychophysiological Research

Prause awarded Catalyst Grant to host UCLA symposium on sexual motivation.

upcoming events

Prause speaking at International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health annual meeting "Models matter: Experimental studies falsify addiction predictions of frequent sexual behaviors".

Prause on program for Society for Psychophysiological Research annual meeting.

Research assistants Shannon and Jaymie present at Association for Psychological Science "Women prefer larger penis girth in one-time sexual partners than in long-term partners".

Prause presents symposium at the Association for Psychological Science with Geoffrey Miller and Greg Siegle "What are sexual arousal, desire, and orgasm: Reward, motivation, pleasure or affect?".

Prause to chair Extreme Affect luncheon with Ed Klonsky at the Society for Affective Science.